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Colorado's Construction Trust Statute

- Eric Voogt
The Colorado Construction Trust Statute, C.R.S. §38-22-127 (Trust Statute) is an extremely powerful tool in construction disputes. The Trust Statute provides that a general contractor or subcontractor that has received monies for work on a construction project must use those monies on that particular project. 

Mechanic's Liens in Colorado

- Michael J. Glade
In today's economy owners and developers of private construction projects are failing at an alarming rate to make timely payment to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers that they employ. One of the most effective tools to secure collateral and payment in such instances is the mechanic's lien.

Insurance Recovery for Problems on a Construction Project

- by Eric Voogt, Construction Law
There are many opportunities for problems, accidents and disputes on a construction project.  The various parties on a construction project, however, often do not ensure that they are adequately covered by insurance, do not timely notify their carrier of a claim, and do not aggressively pursue insurance recovery.