Guardians and Conservators

Guardian and Conservator Attorneys in DenverMany families need to make special arrangements for the comfort and protection of a vulnerable member, whether an elderly parent with Alzheimer's disease, or a developmentally disabled adult or child who will need help long after his or her parents are gone.

Inman Flynn's estate planning attorneys have nearly 50 years of experience shepherding families through the process of planning for guardianship or conservatorship of their loved ones.


Elder Law

If an elderly parent's capacity for independent living is undermined by illness or serious injury, our elder law attorneys can help you apply for appointment of a guardian to assume responsibility for a person's physical welfare and treatment, or a conservator to take charge of property held in the name of a person who no longer has the capacity to make responsible decisions.

The terms of the guardianship or conservatorship can define the scope of the powers granted under these arrangements and accomplish a great deal to protect both the person and the property of the vulnerable adult.



Inman Flynn's guardianship lawyers can also help with estate planning for families where a developmentally disabled child will need continuing care through a special needs trust and designation of a successor guardian. In families where there's a real risk that a minor child might be left in need of a guardian after the death of a parent, our estate planning attorneys can make sure that the proper instruments are prepared to effectuate your objectives while protecting the best interests of the child.


Inman Flynn's estate guardianship attorneys have nearly 50 years of experience shepherding families through planning for their loved ones.  Contact us for more information by calling 303.861.5300.