Litigation Avoidance

If you've been served with a summons and complaint or wronged in a business or personal transaction or by your employer or employee, you are faced with an array of decisions that require careful evaluation. Our Denver attorneys will give you an objective opinion not just about the viability, but also the advisability, of your legal claim.  Or, if you’ve been sued, your defenses and possible counterclaims.  

We thoroughly explore the cost-benefit of your particular litigation and what, if any, alternatives there may be before you decide to take your case to court.  Rest assured, if it makes sense to take your claim to court, we will tell you so and stand shoulder-to-shoulder as you proceed.  Our Denver- and Boulder-based attorneys will be frank and tell you if it is ill-advised, helping with litigation avoidance when it makes sense.

Free Legal Consultation

For more information about employment law or to schedule a 30-minute free legal consultation, please call (303) 861-5300 or e-mail one of our experienced business attorneys.

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